I.T. Engineer


I.T. Engineer

Graduate from EI CNAM, I could improve my skills in project management during my block-release training.

Computer enthusiast and new technologies I decided to do my job. It is with pleasure that I exercised and my ambition is to become Head of a Computer service.


Strasbourg, FRANCE



25 %

Project management

70 %

Méthodologie des SI

90 %

Development : Go, JS, PHP, C#, Java, C

90 %

Foreign language

English: medium [CEFR : B2]

TOEIC : 790

Office tools

Microsoft Office 2010, Visio, Project : mastery


CNAM Alsace

C.N.A.M. Alsace

I.T. Engineer

2010 – 2013

Block-release training on 3 years specialise in I.T. It goal to form computer engineer with technical and functional knowledge.

Certification au TOEIC : 750 pts

IUT Robert Schuman

I.U.T. Illkirch

DUT Informatique

2008 – 2010

Lifelong learning on 2 years specialise in I.T. It goal to form developer.

Professional experiences



Study and development engineer

Current job



Consultant - Project manager, Developer

1 and half year - July 2014 to February 2016

8 months Mission at Euro-Information (bank), dsitant services:
  • Development on bank web site in C# and Devbooster.
2 months Mission at HE Invest (startup), development team:

I work with development team already present to enhanced and increased development of collaborative website.

  • Development on Front Office with AngularJS.
9 months Mission at ELPEV (communication agency), digital services:
  • Project manager on development of a management application customer orders ;
  • Functional analysis, writing functional and technical specifications ;
  • Developing a REST API in Golang and a web interface in AngularJS.

Electricité de Strasbourg

Electricity of Strasbourg

Project manager

5 months - Septembre 2013 to January 2014

In continuation of my mission to rebuild the intranet web site QMS (started during my trainee), I had the opportunity to complete the definitive production of application.

On this occasion I assured the full documentation for maintenance and updates, I also had to transfer my skills to my replacement for it has mastery of the subject. In any final phase of the project I was in charge, with the project ownership, training for key users.

Electricité de Strasbourg

Electricity of Strasbourg

I.T. Engineer Apprentice

3 years - 2010 – 2013

Engaged in "Organization Information System" service, I was charged for my first 2 years of a tool for Electronic Document Management (EDM). My main task was reliable tool and make it evolve in ascending within the ES Group requests.

In the last year, for my End-of-Studies Project, I had the task to rebuild the intranet web site QMS.

This is the summary of my report :

In considering the migration of the intranet sites, the objective is to give up the Lotus Notes technologies.
The project was to melt again the intranet site QSE (Quality, Safety and Environment) in order to improve the distribution, the contribution and the complete traceability of all the processes in the documentary reference table QSE.
This documentation, accessible to all and available via the intranet of the company, centralized in a common tool, allows to improve and to facilitate the work of the “Pôle Security, Environment and Management” in the management of the documentary system QSE.
The first stage was to list the functional needs by basing itself on the existing system and the improvements wished by the “Pôle SEM”. A matrix of functional cover allowed us to compare the various possible solutions.
The second stage was to implement the chosen solution involving the editor's services (installation, training, maintenance) and the resumption of the existing documentation.
These stages have required a structural evolution of the methods of quality management, hence the necessity to familiarize the persons in charge of document about this new tool.

Summary of my engineer report



Summer work

July 2010

Just graduated, I conducted a one-month internship at the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology. I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in web development by improving their website.

Conseil de l'Europe

Council of Europe

Final year internship

3 months - March to June 2010

For the validation of my university degree in technology, I did my internship at the Council of Europe Strabourg. I worked in the IT department called DIT, particularly in the service Infrastructure, Storage and Server.

My first mission was to customize an Open Source Wiki for integrating Word document, thus allowing the development of their knowledge base and rapid information sharing.

I had the opportunity to experience monitoring tools Microsoft System Center including customizing a daily report.

The last mission was the development of a tool for finding duplicate files on network directories.

Personal projects

I could make few professional web site. I used my personnal CMS (in PHP) and many Framework (like JQuery, Bootstrap or MPDF).

Le Jardin d'Emma

Alsace-Peintures du Piémont



Travelling is always a great experience and I like discovered other culture, like : Australia, Belgium, Germany, Italia, Luxembourg, Marocco, Spain, United-Kingdom, Turkey.

Contact me

If you want to contact me, you can with my contact information at the top of this page or by my contact form.

Curriculum Vitae


Développement Web


95 %


100 %


100 %



75 %


25 %


25 %


80 %


Visual Studio

80 %


100 %


Année Description
2010 à 2013 Préparation d'un diplôme d'ingénieur en informatique,
au CNAM Strasbourg en partenariat avec l'ITII et le CFAI
2010 Obtention d'un DUT en Informatique
à l’Université de Strasbourg (IUT d'Illkirch)
2008 Etudiant à l'Université de Technologie de Belfort Montbéliard
1er année du tronc commun
2007 Baccalauréat Sciences et Technologies Industriels Electrotechnique
Mention : Assez Bien

Expériences professionnelles

Année Description
2010 à 2013

Apprenti ingénieur à l'Électricité de Strasbourg

Concepteur / Administrateur :
  • Evolution et optimisation de l'outil de G.E.D.
  • Suivi des anomalies avec le support éditeur
  • Étendre le périmètre d'utilisation en interne
Chef de projet : Refonte de la gestion des processus QSE
  • Analyse de l'existant
  • Recherche de solution parmi les outils internes et ceux du marché
  • Choix de la solution finale
  • Planification des ressources
  • Mise en oeuvre de la solution
2010 Travail d’été, IGBMC
Service informatique : Amélioration du site web
2010 Stage de fin d’étude de 10 semaines, Conseil de l’Europe à Strasbourg
Service de la DIT : Service Infrastructure, Stockage et Serveur
2008 Stage ouvrier d’un mois, Entreprise FEYEL-ARTZNER à Schiltigheim
2007 Travail d’été, Hôpital de Hautepierre Strasbourg, service brancardage
2006 Travail d’été, Atelier électricien de la commune de Schiltigheim

Expériences professionel

  • Electricité de Strasbourg
  • Conseil de l'Europe

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Parcours étudiant

  • EI CNAM (diplôme en Juin 2013)
  • IUT Informatique d'Illkirch (diplômé en Juin 2010)
  • UTBM de Belfort (promotion 2007)

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Projets personnel

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